Dynamic tactical communications networks

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George F. Providing a complete description of modern tactical military communications and networks technology, this book systematically compares tactical military communications techniques with their commercial equivalents, pointing out similarities and differences.

In particular it examines each layer of the protocol stack and shows how specific tactical and security requirements result in changes from the commercial approach.

Tactical communications for Land, Air \u0026 Navy (TechMer)

The author systematically leads readers through this complex topic, firstly providing background on the architectural approach upon which the analysis will be based, and then going into detail on tactical wireless communications and networking technologies and techniques.

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Four future trends In tactical network modernization

Elmasry has a strong interdisciplinary background in electrical and computer engineering, computer science, research, presentation, patent, publication and grant-proposal activities.

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Undetected location. NO YES. Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. Structured progressively: for readers needing an overall view; for those looking at the communications aspects lower layers of the protocol stack ; and for users interested in the networking aspects higher layers of the protocol stack Presents approaches to alleviate the challenges faced by the engineers in the field today Furnished throughout with illustrations and case studies to clarify the notional and architectural approaches Includes a list of problems for each chapter to emphasize the important aspects of the topics covered Covers the current state of tactical networking as well as the future long term evolution of tactical wireless communications and networking in the next 50 years Written at an advanced level with scope as a reference tool for engineers and scientists as well as a graduate text for advanced courses.

Instructor View Instructor Companion Site. About the Author George F.Carroll Communications has solid solutions to problems two 2 and three 3. The capabilities are already in use by some DoD Groups.

Tactical LTE has been demonstrated and been battle tested. We can share information and or white papers with those authorized. Print Email. Please enter the text displayed in the image.

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Leila RahbarIowa State University. Mobile tactical military networks have a number of concerns that distinguish them from commercial networks. Of primary concern is information security, achieved in part through message encryption using a common key.

These networks are often wireless and ad hoc, that is they lack fixed infrastructure and communications are relayed in a multi-hop fashion. The mobility of the nodes leads to a highly dynamic and unpredictable network topology as well as a dynamic communication group membership. The focus of this thesis is on finding a secure and efficient solution to group key agreement in a tactical network.

Existing group key establishment protocols were surveyed, but many were found inept in this setting. However, this protocol has not been fully specified as no provisions were made for auxiliary key agreements. To complete the AT-GDH key agreement, additional protocols are presented to be performed upon group membership changes. Each protocol was evaluated in terms of efficiency and security.

All agreements stemming from additions to the group membership were found to be highly efficient.

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However, the exponential key structure impedes the efficient removal of one or more participant's contributions. Rahbar, Leila, "Group key agreement in dynamic tactical networks" Retrospective Theses and Dissertations.

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Title Group key agreement in dynamic tactical networks. Department Electrical and Computer Engineering. Abstract Mobile tactical military networks have a number of concerns that distinguish them from commercial networks. Recommended Citation Rahbar, Leila, "Group key agreement in dynamic tactical networks" The FIREFLY communication amplifier product line is a modular, lightweight, high-power communication amplifier with swappable and stackable modules.

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Customers can mix and match modules in a single-channel or dual-channel configuration to meet unique mission requirements, while saving space and weight on operating platforms. The modular design simplifies maintenance, provides customer flexibility, and accelerates the fielding of new capabilities.

dynamic tactical communications networks

Read more. Our complete line of communication amplifiers include:. These advanced antennas deliver high performing, continuously connected voice, video, and data communications.

Each system is designed to be fully integrated with most broadband satellite communication systems. Our military-grade solutions are ideal for small and mid-sized forward operating bases, enabling real-time situational awareness coupled with complete network interoperability across entire chains-of-command.

Our modular and scalable solutions can be utilized in any type of tactical configuration. As the spread of both manned and unmanned sensors on the modern battlefield has increased, secure, multi-point, and robust communications have become a key requirement for mission success.

Our lightweight ADL solutions transmits and receives tactical data at a range of up to km. With automatic link establishment and high throughput, the ADL effectively combines airborne, land-based, and maritime sensors to create a common tactical picture.

Our Network and Data Solutions is configurable to support defense communications protocols as well consumer-oriented protocols.

IDM Technology is the core technology solution set that provides users in severe environments with a means of routing and processing data over internet protocol IP based or point-to-point networks using existing, and primarily voice-grade radios. Mobile and fixed tactical commands and forward operating bases require voice services that are simple to use, secure, and always available.

These rapidly deployed and secured radios are easy-to-operate and cost-effective. Equipped with current, relevant technology, our radios combine voice capability with advanced video streaming on the same network, maintaining constant situational awareness with real-time intelligence.

Stable, waterproof, and lightweight, they are seamless to install, ensuring reliable communications in harsh operational conditions.Oceus specializes in custom solutions to address the unique rescue, recovery, and security challenges of federal agencies.

Our secure and dynamic tactical cellular networks provide vital situational awareness information and private communications among federal agency personnel. Border Security — Whether deployed in SUVs, aerostats, ATVs, or fixed communications towers in border locations, our solutions offer federal agents vital situational awareness information where only voice communications exist today. State Department — We provide secure, private, broadband communication network solutions that enable situational awareness and private communications for fixed and mobile networks among embassy personnel and families.

FEMA — We provide private communications for emergency responders at disaster scenes where communications and power may be disabled or weakened. Call on us for more details about our robust and flexible solutions.

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Tactical Wireless Communications and Networks: Design Concepts and Challenges

Custom Solutions that Advance Federal Agency Missions Oceus specializes in custom solutions to address the unique rescue, recovery, and security challenges of federal agencies. Federal agencies we support include: Border Security — Whether deployed in SUVs, aerostats, ATVs, or fixed communications towers in border locations, our solutions offer federal agents vital situational awareness information where only voice communications exist today.

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dynamic tactical communications networks

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dynamic tactical communications networks

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